Hi, I'm Helmar, a Research-led Guy in Product

Currently, I'm looking for a position with a focus on research & concept and a new team to collaborate on stuff that is enriching people's lives.

What I do

Research & UX-Concept

I plan and carry out research & ideation to inform design decisions & strategy with insights that ensure a concept's strong foundation.

Team Collaboration

I facilitate team collaboration and design customized workshops from design sprints to lean & asynchronous formats matching project needs.

Community Events

I'm co-organizing Berlin Product Designers Meetup to bring back in-person events since 2021 and am an active part in the Service Design Jam.

Brands I was excited to work with

Selected Projects

Strategy and Design Sprint for a Google Pixel Awareness Campaign

During D&AD Shift I provided strategic insights and structure to the creative process for a Google Pixel campaign that aims to secure market leadership .

Learn more in the project's story.

#Research #Strategy #2 Months

Facilitating direction with Research for my D&AD Shift Hackathon Team

We've been invited to a "Brief in a Day" challenge, where I could help my team to set a strong foundation with research to inform the strategy & concept of the pitch for the EURO 2024 marketing campaign.

Learn more in the case study.

#Facilitation #Research #1dayHackathon

Assessing adidas’ Customer Perception of their Sustainability Efforts

I was briefed by the UX Research Lead and conducted 200+ in-store interviews in Hamburg & Metzingen in just 4 days as part of a mixed methods survey. The work included follow up questions, vocal notes, observation of customers, a report and debrief with stakeholds .

#NDA #Research #Freelance #7days

Supported the LOVIS to secure Startup Funding as a 1st time Facilitator

I facilitated the Social Media Strategy challenge during a 1.5 day Hackathon and supported on the concept. I prepared research & brief and lead our team to contribute with their individual talents.

Learn more in the case study.

#Facilitation #Workshop #UX #1.5days

UX Research & Iteration for the Donor Experience of the Charity Sea Smart

After a re-design and usability testing I lead the ux process on creating a solution for a navigational issue with negative business impact - all the way from creating buy-in & alignment to hand-off.

Learn more in the case study.

#UXR #UX/UI #Leadership #3weeks

Customized Research & Iteration Workshop for an Internal Hackathon

In the context of an ongoing hackathon for fun & employee education, I was honored to design a customized workshop over the course of a month and facilitate with another Junior colleague. The workshop consisted of timeboxed exercises and several witty energizers.

#NDA #Facilitation #UXR #1day