Helmar M. Stammann

Product Designer, Researcher, Facilitator

Hey, I am Helmar, and I am obsessed with helping teams make progress, getting them some spin, and bullet-proofing their mission toward something that enriches people's lives.

About me

I'm a Product Designer with a focus on Research & Workshops based in Berlin.

My roots as a chef make me hold up my value for team collaboration and process, so when moving into IT and discovering Design Sprints, I was completely sold on the concept in the blink of an eye.

Ever since I collaborated with teams in different domains and found my passion in Research & Workshops.

Now I am on the lookout for a position as a Junior / Intern.

Brands I was excited to work with

Selected Work

Assessing adidas’ Customer Perception of their Sustainability

I’ve been briefed by the UX Research Lead and conducted 200+ in-store interviews in 4 days as part of a mixed methods survey. The work included taking vocal notes, observation of customers+interior, and a report.

Customized Research Workshop for an internal Hackathon

In the context of an ongoing hackathon for fun & education, I was honored to take the lead in designing a customized workshop for my colleagues in collaboration with a Junior UX Designer. The workshop consisted of Hallway Testing, Analysis, Priotization, and several witty Energizers.