Google x D&AD Shift

Awareness Campaign for the Google Pixel

About the Project

The D&AD Shift class was asked to develop a campaign for Google's smartphone Pixel. We were briefed remotely and had 2 rounds of feedback with stakeholders and an Executive Creative Director before finalizing our concept and pitching it to Google.

My Role Strategic insights, facilitation, alignment of concept contributions

Length April 2023 - May 2023

Sector #Marketing #Smartphones #Sustainability

Team Strategists: Helmar & Alexa Graphic Design: William

Tools Miro, Figma, Canva, Zoom & WhatsApp

The Ask: Develop a campaign that shows Gen Z that Google Pixel has the best camera for their style of photography and aligns with their values for tech.
Rebrief: Research uncovered the need for a more holistic angle to advertise Google Pixel.
The Solution: Raise awareness about the Google Pixel and educate about its features as part of a long-term campaign bringing awareness to ideas & projects for sustainability.

Rational for our direction

Problem: Google Pixel is still a relatively new smartphone on the market and although Google is unquestionably well established, the Pixel is not that well known for its unique selling points.

Android is continuously losing market share compared to their biggest competitor and unlike their main competitor Google's sustainability efforts aren't that well known either despite being at the forefront of it.

Brand: Aside from the Google Pixel being more playful, Google as Sage archetype essentially aspires to be “more helpful for everyone” by “making the world's information universally accessible”.

Opportunity: Our mission was to find a direction that would have the potential to raise the brand awareness for the Google Pixel and turn this trend around - a “moonshot” as they would call this ambitious aim at Google.

We needed something that would be important to Gen Z and be relevant enough to draw a lot of people in.

Strategic Research opened up opportunities for multiple approaches with timely relevance - potentially even ongoing the whole year around?!


“it's up to us to shape the future and preserve this world”


Raise brand awareness for the Google Pixel through user-generated content on social media and a topic that is highly relevant for Gen Z; sustainability, climate and our planet's future.


An interactive map of Germany on the campaign website is giving ideas & projects for sustainability visibility through a creative competition creating a call for showcasing all the effort people take for more sustainablity and to inspire others.

Awareness for the campaign is raised initially by a Google Doodle, sustainability influencers and subsequently user generated content on social media.

Also, we envision potential headlines in diverse news outlets as the topic strikes a chord in Germany's culture and the needs of GenZ.

Furthermore the campaign and awareness for Google Pixel is supported through tutorials on Google's YouTube Channel which we found out to be not in depth enough. They are covering how to use features as well as storytelling techniques and usefull companion apps.